Complete Building Commissioning Services

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Improve building performance with services from GreenCAL AB&Cx. We provide building commissioning services in the Southwest to ensure commercial properties are designed and built with integrity as well as to the clients’ expectations. Here are the services we currently provide; however, we will have additional services available in the future, so check back soon for updates or contact us to learn more.

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1. Thermal Imaging

Troubleshooting a building to improve the energy efficiency of its systems and facility.

2. Whole Building Leakage Testing

Determining a building’s leakage rate by applying pressure to the building with a door-fan assembly and calculating the air leakage through meter calibration.

3. Building Envelope Commissioning

Overseeing the design and construction of a customer’s building envelope. The building envelope is the size of the building from wall to wall, floor to ceiling, and back to floor; essentially, it’s the shell of the building. It’s the most important aspect of a building and must be constructed well so designers can design the structure correctly.

4. Mechanical System Commissioning

Reviewing and designing the construction of a new building’s mechanical systems. Through documentation, inspections, and testing, we determine if the mechanical system and its equipment are designed and working properly before the building is completed. The equipment includes the electrical, plumbing, HVAC, lighting, and irrigation systems.

5. HVAC System Troubleshooting Consultation

Determining the reasons behind an HVAC system’s problems. In addition to troubleshooting, we can provide efficiency modifications or repairs. Some of the common problems HVAC systems commonly experience range from thermal comfort to energy efficiency.

6. Adhesion Testing

Testing the adhesion of an installed air barrier system. We perform a pull test to determine the force. That test provides us with the information we need regarding the air barrier system.

7. ABAA Auditing

Assessing a job site while an air barrier system is being installed to ensure it is installed correctly and smoothly. Adhesion testing can also be performed at this time or separately. We are licensed by the Air Barrier Association of America.